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Developers: Like what you see? Then build it! Create content using the same tools as XGASOFT itself, running on engines and platforms you're already familiar with.

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X1 is the developer initiative of XGASOFT, dedicated to providing quality middleware and a platform for in-depth documentation, learning tools, and troubleshooting.

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What people are saying: Assets served on X1 have been used by hundreds of developers all around the world



    Works like a charm for GMS2 by Retro Compatibility. Had some issues like the demo room not playing, but the publisher instructed me to just re import the project, and it worked. Really awesome engine, worth every peny, lots of documentation and clean commented code. Will save billions of my time!

  • Absolutely brilliant   great support

    Absolutely brilliant + great support

    This is about the third dialogue plugin I've tried and definitely the last I'll need to.

    It's a great piece of kit, and even a beginner like me got it up and running for rpg style dialogue boxes with choices that pop up above the character's head (admittedly with a little help from the friendly and responsive support).

    Shaun W
  • A serious piece of asset!

    A serious piece of asset!

    I rarely leave reviews for any product. In fact, this is my first here, and I just HAD to take the time to give some honest feedback.

    This is the best asset I've purchased or downloaded on the Marketplace. Not only is it a very featured code base, it's extremely easy to implement and well-documented. On top of all that, the support is professional and top-notch. The complete package, truly deserving of a full 5 stars.

    Brian G
  • Easy beyond belief

    Easy beyond belief

    I was sitting down to build out a prototype for a presentation and thought I might go with the standard out-of-box look and feel of a splash and studio screen. Well, this coupled with my graphics made it look so professional.

    It took literally 20 minutes if that to get it setup.


    Christopher M
  • Clean and classy.

    Clean and classy.

    Easy installation, even into a busy project with tons of disparate assets. Works as advertised. Quality product all around!

    Alexander R

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